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Outsourcing Your Programming Needs

What We Do

Task Automation

We create custom programs to automate your company’s internal processes

Embedded Systems

6 years of experience working with Beaglebone’s and Raspberry Pi’s processors and components

Programming Skills

C, C++, Bash, Perl, Python, PHP and SQL so we can fit all your software needs


Development and management of: Linux kernel, web applications, entire programs from scratch

About Us

My name is Davi S Evangelista, founder of 5e Contract Programming.

Graduated from the University of Brasilia in Electrical Engineering, I work as a programmer since 2010.

Coding for embedded systems and microcontrollers, I was an engineer in two Brasília (Brazil’s capital) based companies where I’ve worked with several microcontrollers and microprocessors, tailored the kernel 3.2 for a specific hardware, automated work routines, and more.

Now I assist other companies grow helping they focus on their own operations: we take care of their programming needs!

Contact us here to start a request with us.

Business aside, here you will find more about programming in general too.

For those learning to program, we provide some examples as free software: see section Samples below.

Also visit SudoYourself, our blog, for more information on programming topics, embedded Linux, Raspberry Pi and the like.

I await your contact and thank you for your interest!

From SudoYourself

Practical RegEx For Bash, C, C++, Perl, PHP, and Python

Practical RegEx For Bash, C, C++, Perl, PHP, and Python

Regular expressions aren’t just about finding text patterns: more important than matching is knowing how to use them to make substitutions in a string or split it into parts. As programming languages have their own peculiarities, this post will simplify your life by showing how they work in Bash, C, C++, Perl, PHP, and Python! Keep on Reading!

A Simple Regular Expression Tutorial

Regular expression is the most efficient way to search for patterns and do any kind of text manipulation. This tutorial is for those who have difficulties with its syntax, which at first glance may seem very complicated. If you are yet to be able to read a RE, this post is for you! Keep on Reading!

28 Important Git Functionalities Explained

28 Important Git Functionalities Explained

Git is a powerful tool, but chances are you’ll find yourself lost unless you know what command accomplishes what you intend to do. To try and avoid this frustration, I’ve decided review some of the most common situations found in version control and pack their command solution together in a simple table for easy access! Keep on Reading!

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